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The Sourcing Industry Landscape

Nov 18, 2019

Paul’s career as a social entrepreneur began on a surfboard when he pioneered a method to protect local waterways from industry polluters that were making people sick. In 2016, Paul launched Givewith, a Service-as-a-Software solution that generates social impact funding opportunities for nonprofits that can be...

Nov 14, 2019

Coupa's CFO Todd Ford and the world's leading third-party risk management expert Linda Tuck Chapman discuss how procurement leaders and finance can work strategically as a team to manage and mitigate risk while also creating value that extends beyond the bottom line.

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SIG University's...

Nov 6, 2019

Dan Hanyzewski is the Chief Ambassador at Ubertal Inc./Certree. Certree safeguards employee privacy and data through blockchain technology. Dan initially studied as a sculptor before making a career pivot toward the business world and then branching out to start his own consulting business in talent management...